My philosophy

I am inspired by the serenity prayer:

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

                              to change the things I can,

                                             and the wisdom to know the difference "

Taking charge of how I respond to life, allows me the choice to have peace within me if I really want it  - given that I cannot control others.

Taking responsibility for my happiness has seriously altered and improved my quality of life. Accepting myself has been a big part of this change and this in turn has brought even more to celebrate.

Life to me is a journey, not a destination. That means I can choose to accept, enjoy or absolutely love each moment of that journey, no matter how challenging. 


My background

My life so far has taught me that all the material wealth in the world does not equate to a contented life.

As a girl, I had dreams and aspirations as we all do.  I looked at people around me and agreed to what they thought was important.  A steady job, a good relationship, children, a home, finances and the approval of others. I wanted that, I worked hard to get it. I believed that if I had the approval of others and lovely things to own and use - I would find happiness.  Eventually I realised that something was still missing, something I really needed, that no one had mentioned before.  A sense of wholeness - to fill an empty void within me and I had no idea where to find it.



One day, some years later,  I discovered something that changed me and the way I perceived the world forever.  I know now that what I learnt was quite simple, but because I was so conditioned in my thinking it just hadn't occurred to me before.  It was a big shift and it meant that I could finally be free to live honestly, accepting myself just the way I am.   It meant that I became more content, relaxed, easier to live with, calmer, clearer and more grateful.  Life took on new meaning.  I have been told that people call it "Grace" and whatever it was gave me peace.  I am forever grateful for the discovery, especially now as I can share it with others.

I did hit an all time low on a personal level first, reaching the bottom of the barrel completely.  I had to sit with myself in this place for a while and I found it nearly unbearable, until I accepted my worst, most undesirable self .  SuddenIy I was free of my limited thinking and I began to completely change, or perhaps I should say  - restore my true nature. 

I reset many of my old fashioned, single minded, limited ways of thinking. I became the CEO of my own mind and I restructured the company.  I have no regrets and I continue to upgrade my worth and my value all the time. 

It is exciting to be in charge of my thinking and to monitor my thoughts and to direct my mind.  Since then, I have learnt more and more about the mind and I continue to research and learn.  

It is also wonderful to hear that science now shows evidence that the mind is flexible and we all have the potential to change our habitual ways that have caused anxiety, suffering and prevented wellbeing.  There are so many brilliant techniques available to assist us with these changes and I use a few of them in my practice.

I share my depth of knowledge with clients in relation to their own journey and  I am very aware that each of us is unique in the way that we uncover our own truth.  I see that many roads lead to Rome and we have to find our own personal method. By working together, we discover things about ourselves that help us navigate the way to that truth.  I also realise that life is a continuous learning experience for all of us.

You will notice the word art in my business name and ask what has that got to do with living?  As I am a passionate artist I find that art is my expression.  It gives me a tool to maintain my balance in life.  I also use it with clients in various forms and find it beneficial  to help uncover blocks that stand in their way, or to make the conversation easier.  It is the way I enjoy working and my clients find it enjoyable too, with great results.

My work is unique and quite different from other practices,  I am not a GP, psychiatrist or a phycologist.  

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today


My techniques and tools

IDT   Interactive drawing therapy

NLP  Neuro linguistic programming

EFT  Emotional Freedom Technique



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