Acrylic Art 

WORK FOR SALE   As an enthusiastic artist and crafts person, it is often a challenge to decide how to use my art time, there are always so many wonderful things to make and create and never enough hours in the day.I have always had an interest in painting and I use acrylics because they dry so quickly and there is instant gratification. 

With the use of layering I enjoying working them until colours shine through and sometimes bring pastels in on top to add more texture or the opposite - a smooth transition of one colour to the next on top of streaky paint work.  My work ranges from black outlines with bright contrasting colours layed over bright colours - to soft pastels tones with no definition and only a hit of form.. The one consistent thing I do is work quickly on large canvas - although I do prefer a completely solid base of wood, so I can put pressure on it for different effects. I am also keen on collage.

Studio 88 has a relaxed and calm atmosphere and students are encouraged to make themselves at home. We are all learning, and there no place for judgement and criticism, only support and encouragement. That doesn't mean we don't challenge you to get the best results. 









I've learned so much from my mistakes I was thinking of making more - just come and have fun!


Acrylic painting classes

 In these courses you will have the opportunity to work in the way that suits you, while learning and trying new techniques and methods. My task being; to facilitate, guide and motivate you to develop a style for your personal taste.

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Venue: 19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington

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The fee can be paid by internet banking, cash or cheque before the session.


Acrylic painting     

Find your inner artist and explore your creative potential - a whole world awaits you.

Come along and create the art that is uniquely yours. Tutor/artist Nancy Barclay.

Weekend workshops

  10.30 am - 3.30 pm  OR
  10.30 am - 3.30 pm
VENUE: Gordon Harris, 182 Vivian St, Wellington
COST: $210 (includes 1st day materials)

Evening series

6 weeks          7 - 9 pm     Tuesdays
VENUE: Art & Living, 19 Anne Street, Wadestown
COST: $180  (includes most materials)



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