Art & Living promotes being yourself and loving it.  WHY? 

Because it allows a connection to your true essence - the part of you that is valuable, worthy, whole and complete. This is an incredible platform to live from. I know because I have lived it! 

All the workshops and courses are designed to show you how to maximise this authentic, wise and most incredible you and confidently share it with the world. I will show you 'magic' ways to see things differently, ways you haven't considered before.

My workshops will open doors to better communication, happier relationships and more resilience. They will give you confidence in overcoming daily challenges and develop a sense of peace and calm that you hadn't thought possible. 

It's time to let go comparing yourself to other people and wishing that you were more talented, more beautiful, more intelligent. You don't need to be, you've got YOU! I will show you how important that is to know and show you how it changes your life for the better!


Meditation & Mindfulness

Just Breathe

Monthly Meditation Meeting @ Wellington Meditation Centre

                               Each month, Art & Living with Nancy Barclay host a Public Meditation and Discussion Evening.                                   This is a varied and learning meditation event where all ages come together for a group meditation.

 One of the most powerful parts of us is one that we cannot see. The part that often is smothered by the sounds of our thoughts. When we meditate, we quieten the mind and allow space for peace and joy and calm to come through. If you are looking for some inner peace and calm in the midst of uncertainty right now, come and join me at the Wellington Mediation Centre, 31 Hobson Crescent, Thorndon, Wellington on the first Wed of each month at  7:30 pm and make a start towards that inner peace.

This is an easy, relaxed gathering with a focus on a simple mediation practice and a casual discussion afterwards. You can take a quiet seat at the back, or get involved in the conversation - it's up to you. 

No need to book, just turn up on the night. For more info please text Nancy 027 276 2786.


 Ignite your true colours