Art & Living promotes being yourself and loving it.  WHY?  Because it allows a connection to your true essence - the part of you that is valuable, worthy, whole and complete. This is an incredible platform to live from. We know because we have lived it! 

All the workshops and courses are designed to show you how to maximise this authentic, wise and most incredible you and confidently share it with the world. We will show you 'magic' ways to see things differently, ways you haven't considered before.

Our workshops will open doors to better communication, happier relationships and more resilience. They will give you confidence in overcoming daily challenges and develop a sense of peace and calm that you hadn't thought possible. 

It's time to let go comparing yourself to other people and wishing that you were more talented, more beautiful, more intelligent. You don't need to be, you've got YOU! We will show you how important that is to know and see how it changes your life for the better!

Coaching Workshops:


Ignite your true colours!

Teen Art & Life Coaching Workshop 

Monday 13 July - Thursday 16 July 2020     10 am - 3 pm 

Connect to your fearless, capable and most incredible self. 

Learn about meditation & mindfulness and ease the overwhelm!

Have a 'blast' making new friends.

Discover more about what makes you 'tick', your personality type and other interesting stuff! 


A beautiful, personalised vision board.

A familiarity with meditation and mindfulness.

More confidence and trust in yourself. 

 New connections to like-minded people your age.

A feeling of relaxation and calm.

A renewed energy and inspiration.

Your creative juices flowing.

Tools to transfer into your everyday life!


Nancy’s passion for art is contagious.

She is an expert at making people feel relaxed and welcome.

It is easy to be motivated and excited by what is possible not only in the art room but in life in general. 



Cost:     $80 per person  for the 4 day package 

Venue:  Studio 88, 19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington, NZ



 Bridging the Divide

Mother & Daughter Weekend Workshop 2020


 When the Mother and Daughter relationship isn't working well,

it's just another thing to get in the way of self worth for both of you.


But just because you're not communicating,

it doesn't mean that you're broken!

It just means it is time for a shift in perspective

and an opportunity to take back your power

in the most positive way!


Research shows that there is a strong correlation between

effective relationships and personal happiness.


Coaching workshops EMPOWER people to handle

whatever life throws at them and life does that!


Nancy and Nenah are the perfect coaching duo to help navigate

the teenage years and find a middle ground

where you can both see eye to eye.


Doodle, write and draw while you learn about love languages,

personality types, mirror work, non- violent communication skills and a great deal more.


Come with your Mother or Daughter, alone or with a friend.


Get involved or watch quietly from the back.


This workshop is wise, practical and eye opening. 


So, what's in it for me?

Gain a better understanding what is going on at home

Find a whole new perspective, clarity and direction.

Become aware of destructive patterns of blame, expectations and assumptions.

Develop self-respect, compassion and an easier communication style.

Create powerful new boundaries, and gain tools and a whole new way of supporting each other.

Have an epic time!


As our children get older, the relationship shifts from one of dependence to one of independence and .this can be a difficult transition for both parties. New agreements must be made, and new ways to communicate must be formed.

Navigating the mother/daughter relationship can be confusing and overwhelming but also joyful and surprising in the best possible way.

The thing we all want, whether we realise it or not, is to feel heard, supported and loved. You also don’t have to have a broken relationship in order to strengthen it! 

This unique and powerful course is designed to help both mothers and their teenage daughters develop stronger methods of communication by giving them the tools to build more trust and more respect on both sides and have fun while doing it!

This valuable  weekend workshop is designed to allow mothers and daughters to navigate their changing relationship. The focus is on addressing current needs from both sides of the fence, and hearing those needs. Opening the lines of communication and building trust & respect within the relationship.


Take home a  workbook packed full of resources, and most importantly, plenty of brilliant communication tools for your relationship - it's great value, two fabulous days with two awesome coaches!

Meet Nenah Milne, who is a uniquely gifted young life coach, who at the age of nineteen is 

fully able to understand exactly what teenagers today are facing. 

Meet Nancy Barclay,  a teacher, experienced life coach and a parent of 4 teens herself,

who has first-hand experience of the parenting journey.


Having this combined perspective is what makes this course so powerful. 


It means offering the level of support and understanding that both parties need to move forward.


 Join us to build better communication,  increase self worth, and deepen the valuable connections between you both.


 Cost: $60 for Mother & Daughter

 $40 for an individual 

Christchurch and Wellington 2020


Ignite your true colours