It is so easy to compare ourselves to other people, wishing WE were different.  Art & Living promotes 'being yourself and loving it'. I believe it is essential to realise, accept and enjoy being who you are, rather than focusing on who and what you are not.

All my workshops and courses are designed to discover the real you, the wisest and most incredible you. I will show you how to maximise this real self and confidently share it with the world with love.

My mission is to bring out your happiest, most colourful self into the light and let that shine.  Whatever that colour might be.


Mother & Daughter Weekend Workshop

15 - 16 Feb 2020

Regardless of whether you think that your mother/daughter relationship needs a bit of work or you are already extremely solid, imagine strengthening it…

Navigating the mother/daughter relationship can be confusing and overwhelming but also joyful and surprising in the best possible way. The thing we all want, whether we realise it or not, is to feel heard, supported and loved. 

This unique and powerful course is designed to help both mothers and their teenage daughters develop stronger methods of communication by giving them the tools to build more trust and respect on both sides and have fun while doing it!

Over the two days we’ll look at:

1) Any possible destructive patterns of blame, expectations and assumptions.

2) Developing self-respect, forgiveness and compassion.

3) Creating powerful new boundaries, which open up authentic communication, and a whole new way of supporting each other.

4) Having an epic time!

This course is perfect for any and all mothers and daughters. You don’t have to have a broken relationship in order to strengthen it! The weekend will bring the two of you closer than you’ve ever been before and you’ll be able to support one another on a whole new level.

As our children get older, the relationship shifts from one of dependence to one of independence and .this can be a difficult transition for both parties. New agreements must be made, and new ways to communicate must be formed.

This valuable  weekend workshop is designed to allow mothers and daughters to navigate their changing relationship. The focus is on addressing current needs from both sides of the fence, and hearing those needs. Opening the lines of communication and building trust & respect within the relationship.

The final step is building a new vision of the future so that both mother and daughter can flourish as they move forward.

The Metropolitan Lounge at The Tannery is spacious and accomodating, with handy access to cafes and shopping. Take home a  workbook packed full of resources, goodie bags full of local treats and discounts and most importantly, plenty of brilliant communication tools for your relationship - it's GREAT value, with TWO awesome coaches!

Nenah Milne, is a uniquely gifted young life coach, who at the age of nineteen is fully able to understand exactly what teenagers today are facing. 

Nancy Barclay as a teacher and a parent of 4 teens herself, has first-hand experience of the parenting journey and is very familiar with the challenges that face relationships across the age groups.

Having this combined perspective is what makes this course so powerful, and it means we can offer the level of support and understanding that both parties need to move forward. We have put this course together because our passion is to enable self worth, build better communication and deepen the valuable connections between mother and daughter..

Cost:  $182.50  For Mother & Daughter Package (two for the price of one!)    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $152 only until end of 2019 

Venue: Metropolitan Lounge, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston, Christchurch, NZChristchurch, NZ

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Teen Art & Life Coaching Workshop

13 - 17 April  2020  10 am - 3 pm   Mon - Fri

It's all about YOUR personal wellbeing and YOUR creative expression.  What better way to spend the school holidays!

Teens Art & Life Workshop offers teens a great way to have some fun, meet new/like-minded friends, while setting personal life goals, restoring inner peace and enjoying creativity in a holistic wellness, relaxing way. 

Studio 88 is a great space to be creative, it's full of resources and equipment to meet all your arty needs. The small group means you will get all the support and attention that YOU deserve! You will feel motivated and excited about what is on offer!

Art is such a great medium to develop calm and give the mind a break from the hectic stress of life. When focussing deliberately, the mind is completely present, it gets to rest from the constant stream of thoughts and concerns. This means the whole body gets a break. The more time spent mindfully focussed, the clearer the mind and the healthier the body.

This awesome workshop runs for 5 days and involves: 

Daily art meditation - Get into the flow with paint, pastel, colour and fun!

Interactive drawing therapy - Enabling personal "Aha" moments as you explore your life through art therapy.

Vision board making - Create a personal vision board involving all that you want in your life and then watch it happen!

Mosaics - Learn the art of mosaic art and finish your own professional looking piece of work made from china and coloured tiles. 

Drawing,  Painting, collage, drawing and more - Giving you an exciting opportunity to learn new arty skills and .techniques.

Nancy’s passion for art is contagious.  She is an expert at making people feel relaxed and welcome.  It is easy to be motivated and excited by what is possible, not only within the art room but with life in general.  

Starts:   Monday 13 April 2020   10 am - 3 pm  

Cost:     $450:00 per person  A complete art experience in one 5 day package  (casual attendance is not available)

Venue:  Studio 88, 19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington, NZ



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