It is so easy to compare ourselves to other people, wishing WE were different.  At Art & Living we promote being yourself and loving it.  We believe it is essential to realise, accept and enjoy being who you are, rather than focusing on what you are not.

All our workshops and courses are designed to discover the real you, the wisest and most incredible you.  We will show you how to maximise this real self and confidently share it with the world. 

Our mission is to bring out your happiest, most colourful self into the light and let that shine.  Whatever that colour might be.


Mother & Daughter Weekend Workshop

14 - 16 Feb 2020

As our children get older, the relationship shifts from one of dependence to one of independence and .this can be a difficult transition for both parties. New agreements must be made, and new ways to communicate must be formed.

This valuable three day workshop is designed to allow mothers and daughters to navigate their changing relationship. The focus is on addressing current needs from both sides of the fence, and hearing those needs. Opening the lines of communication and building trust & respect within the relationship.

The final step is building a new vision of the future so that both mother and daughter can flourish as they move forward.

Starts: yet to be confirmed


Venue: Christchurch, NZ


Nurture teen art & life holiday workshop

Jan 27 - 31 2020

Return to school refreshed and motivated after a fabulous week at Art & Living with Nancy Barclay.  It's all about YOUR personal wellbeing and YOUR creative expression.  What better way to spend those final boring days of the school holidays!

Nurture Teens Art & Life Workshop offers 14 - 16 year olds a great way to have some fun, meet new friends, while setting personal goals, restoring inner peace and enjoying creativity in a holistic wellness, relaxing way.

Art is such a great medium to develop calm and give the mind a break from the hectic stress of life. When focussing deliberately, the mind is completely present, it gets to rest from the constant stream of thoughts and concerns. This means the whole body gets a break. The more time spent mindfully focussed, the clearer the mind and the healthier the body.

This workshop runs for 5 days and involves daily art meditation, interactive drawing therapy, vision board making as well as drawing, painting and craft.

Nancy’s passion for art is contagious.  She is an expert at making people feel relaxed and welcome.  It is easy to be motivated and excited by what is possible, not only within the art room but with life in general.  

Starts:   Monday 27 Jan 2020   10 am - 1 pm   (5 day workshop)

Cost:     $450:00 per person

Venue:  Studio 88, 19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington, NZ





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