You can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you

Life workshops and courses

As I work with clients one-on-one, a new outlook is exciting and rewarding, it can be difficult though, to remember everything. The life workshops and course really help to cement the new learning while working side-by-side others in the same 'boat'.  It is a fun and supportive way to make valuable changes. 

There are really great courses on offer each year to enable you to make valuable shifts in your thinking and your life.

The POWERFUL YOU SERIES runs over a  3 month period and meets fortnightly. This also includes a free one-on-one session between classes - to get you really focussed.  This course meets on a Sunday morning and allows more time to really address new concepts and get your teeth into a topic. 

Sundays are a great day for feeling receptive to a new, refreshing outlook! 

The LIFE PURPOSE workshops are ONE DAY EVENTS, also on a Sunday - so book early to confirm a place. I run these workshops with HAYLEY LOWE (medium and healer) This workshop is inspiring and exciting, allowing you to unblock unwanted resistance and move forward with ease. 

Both courses are great value for money and fabulous for developing self-worth, confidence and letting go all that does not benefit your life. 

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