You can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you

Life courses & classes

As I work with clients one-on-one I have noticed that a new outlook is exciting and rewarding, sometimes however it is difficult to remember and practice the new concepts, so we need reminders and help along the way. 

This series of courses and classes have been developed to guide, support and maintain the journey into conscious thinking on a day-to-day basis as well as having fun with learning and knowing we are not alone in this.

There are two great courses on offer this year to support you and enable you to make valuable shifts in your thinking.

The Empowering Minds Course involves weekly Wednesday meetings. This enables regular catch ups with like-minded others and keeps you on track with your daily life balance. Each term has a new topic.

The Powerful Women Series runs over a  4 month period and meets fortnightly. This also includes a free one-on-one session each month - to get you really focussed.  This course meets on a Sunday morning and allows more time to really address new concepts and get your teeth into a topic. Sundays are a great day for feeling receptive to a new, refreshing outlook!  Start date: Sunday 2 Aug

Both courses are great value for money and fabulous for developing self-worth, confidence and letting go all that does not benefit your life. 

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Free Movie night

On the last Friday of most months, I show a film - usually related to self-development and personal change. They are easy to watch and entertaining too. Some of these movies have been partly shown during the course or workshops. 

These evenings have been most successful and enable clients to see films they may not have easy access to or an opportunity to watch at home with like-minded others and a social occasion.

Currently showing at 7 pm
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Schedule for 2017 

The Shadow Effect                          Friday 28 April

Happy                                                Friday 30 June

Sensitive                                            Friday 28 July

The Power of the Heart                  Friday 25 Aug

E-motion                                           Friday 29 Sept                  

The Shift                                            Friday 27 Oct

The cure is.....?                                   Friday 24 Nov



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