Art &Life Teen holiday workshop

 Return to school refreshed, revived and motivated.  Experience a whole fabulous week with your full attention on YOUR personal wellbeing and YOUR creative expression.  What better way to spend those final boring weeks of the school holidays!

Nurture Teens Art Workshop offers 14 - 16 year olds a great way to have some fun, meet new friends, while setting personal goals, restoring inner peace and enjoying art & creativity in a creative, holistic, artistic experience.

This workshop runs for 5 days and involves daily art meditation, interactive drawing therapy, vision board making as well as drawing, painting and craft.

Nancy’s passion for art is contagious. She is an expert at making people feel relaxed and welcome. It is easy to be motivated and excited by what is possible not only in the art room but in life in general. 


 Art inspiration & motivational session

Especially tailored for you and your needs as an artist. This one hour art coaching session enables you to get your bearings and find your direction in order to get moving with your own art/creativity.  Sometimes people just need a little motivation and the chance to step back and take a better look, in order to see what they want and where they want to go.

INDIVIDUAL SESSION: $80 for 1 hour session

"Before seeking Nancy's help, I had been frustrated with my efforts to paint for a while and had felt 'creatively stuck'. My first session with Nancy  proved such a buzz. 
As we talked about painting and creating art work, we discussed different ways to approach my work which I found really energising. 
I now feel much freer to experiment more and to explore how my acrylic paints work."  Peter 


Youth art & life classes

Develop your art and calm your mind with art & life classes. A chance to bring art into your everyday life for personal growth and self development. For youth who have finished high school and enjoy being creative. No previous experience required, but an enthusiasm for art is essential.

This 2 hour class includes art meditation, interactive drawing therapy, exploring medium, discussion and fun. 

COST; $350 for 10 week block

NEXT CLASS: Yet to be confirmed 


Mosaic Art with Youth

Mosaic is a fantastic form of mindful meditation. More people are coming to realise this and make the time to get creative with mosaic art. I work with schools and community groups to bring mindfulness and beauty into your shared environment. 



Art Coaching

As an artist, I find it invaluable to spend some time each week creating, painting or being inspired by the art of others.  This practice is like a meditation and takes me completely aware from day to day concerns. Some people find music does this for them, others enjoy walking in nature, fishing, sailing, swimming, exercising, all manner of different ways to get comfortable being with yourself and finding a connection to peace.  

Because this is so beneficial, I have noticed that I have to make a special effort to include art on a regular basis. With this knowledge in mind, I have set up art coaching sessions and short courses to enable you to come along for tuition, guidance or inspiration relating to your art practice. This allows you to develop your own style and get you going on your own projects at home.






Ignite your true colours