Make every day a work of art


Art workshops & groups

Since childhood, art has been a passion and a huge part of my life. As a child I would create anything I could from card and paper – there was never any cellotape left in our house!

I studied Art and Art History at High school, then majored in art at Teachers’ College. Over the years, I have been very involved in teaching art to all manner of groups as well as running small craft businesses and market stalls. 

I have an art studio above the garage at my home in Wellington, where I am based one day per week. I teach art and mosaic classes and work one-on-one with clients in art therapy.                    I make and sell my own mosaics sculptures and murals, and I paint large acrylics canvases which I also sell. I have been making art my whole life and teaching since 1988.

I really enjoy working with community groups and local schools and have run many workshops with scout groups, garden groups and local organisations.




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