Art as a Meditation

As an artist, I find it invaluable to spend some time each week creating, painting or being inspired by the art of others.  This practice is like a meditation, and it grounds me and takes me completely away from day to day concerns. 

Because an art practice is so beneficial, I have set up art coaching sessions and short courses to enable you to have tuition, guidance and inspiration relating to your creativity. By exploring your creativity you will then feel more confident to start your own art practice at home.


Art Workshop 



Love your life!

Art & Life Coaching Workshop for teens

    Mon 13 - Thurs 17 April 2020     10 am - 3 pm 

A chance to get creative, chill out and have some fun! 

Connect to your fearless, capable and most incredible self. 

Learn about meditation and mindfulness.

Have a 'blast' making new friends.

Discover more about what makes you 'tick', your personality type and other interesting stuff

Explore your 'Now" and your future and to see what is available for you.



A beautiful, personalised vision board

A familiarity with meditation and mindfulness

More confidence and trust in yourself 

With new connections to like-minded people your age

While feeling relaxed and calm

but at the same time - energised and inspired,

to get those creative juices

flowing into every part of your everyday life!


Nancy’s passion for art is contagious.

She is an expert at making people feel relaxed and welcome.

It is easy to be motivated and excited by what is possible not only in the art room but in life in general. 



Art Coaching

General art

Art tutoring is a way to  create your own art practice while also developing a better connection with yourself.. This brings confidence and resilience in an ever-changing, often unpredictable world. When we take time to find that artist within, it allow space for that inner voice to be heard and valued. 

 Book in for a one-off sessions to get you going for a practice at home or set up a series of sessions to get the creative juices really flowing!

All materials and equipment provided for on site art projects.

Mosaic Tutoring

Mosaic is a fantastic form of mindful meditation. More people are coming to realise what fun mosaics can be, with fabulous results. If you are interested in learning how or just want some help to get your project started, I can meet you for a one-on-one coaching session in the studio. You are welcome to team up with a friend (or up to 6 people) for your session, each extra person pays half price.. I provide the tools, materials and the inspiration to help you achieve any mosaic project.

Community projects

For schools and community groups who want to make a large mosaic impact. I can guide you from the plan of your project, right  through to implementation and installation - with amazing results!  We start with a meeting to discuss your ideas and take it from there. Whether you need just a bit of advice or a full plan and facilitator, I have everything you need.

To see  a huge range of work, please take a look at Studio 88 Wadestown on facebook. 



Art Inspiration & Motivational Session 

Book your one-on-one session for a time that suits your availability

Remember how much fun art once was? When we were young we would happily create art without thinking about the end result. But somewhere along the way, the fun disappeared and we put expectations on ourself on what art should look like.

If you're feeling stuck or uninspired, this one hour session is for you. 

It combines Art & Life Coaching and will help you to get your bearings and find your direction in order to relax and enjoy your art!  Step back and take a better look at what is happening in your own head! Find out what you want and how you want to do it., YOUR way!  Let me, help you find your grove again!

Nancy, I just had to let you know what a wonderfully energising and stimulating time I had with you this morning.  Our time together went so fast and we covered so much ground and shared so much. It was wonderful.I returned home and I became aware that I was experiencing a fascinating sense that my inner pot had been well stirred up and I felt I was sensing outwards, with no expectation but intrigued about how things will go for my creative juices.Your suggestions and feedback were invaluable. Whilst we were talking, I had a great sense of relief about needing to let go of my current position and to venture out on my own voyage of discovery.  I am excited about starting my journey. 

Before seeking Nancy's help, I had been frustrated with my efforts to paint for a while and had felt 'creatively stuck'. My first session with Nancy  proved such a buzz. As we talked about painting and creating art work, we discussed different ways to approach my work which I found really energising. I now feel much freer to experiment more and to explore how my acrylic paints work."  Peter 










Ignite your true colours