Make every day a work of art



Mosaic Art Works & Commissions

Making a space bright and beautiful in your home, garden or business is so easy with mosaics.   Experienced and expert with all forms of tiling, murals, sculpture and mosaic teaching.

Working with individuals, businesses, school children and community groups, making art works for public and private spaces both large and small. 


Mosaic Tuition - individual or small group 

Art & Living offer one-on-one mosaic tutoring or small group sessions for those who are interested in learning how it's done. Get help with your own project in the studio or get some tips to get started on your project at home.


Mosaic Artwork Repairs

Sometimes, with wear and tear, mosaics gets damaged, some expert advice or help goes a long way to making things look good as new again.


Acrylic 2D Art works 

Please see artwork sales for the latest acrylic paintings on large, often square canvases. Nancy enjoys using a dry brush technique and works on a number of paintings at a time, as she waits for the canvas to dry. Loosly layering colour to gain depth and bring a sense of light through her paintings. From bold, bright  colour palette to soft pastels, you never know what style she will be working on next.


Driftwood Wall Sculptures

With clever use of driftwood combined with wire and pumice stones Nancy has created a range of beautiful driftwood pieces for hanging on garden walls and fences. Both elegant and rustic, they come all shapes and sizes. See sales for the latest pieces. 

Nancy has also become good at finding just the right pieces of wood and when combined with a few stones and a bit of old paint, has managed to produce some rather weird and wonderful fish sculptures. Totally unique.

See sales and other buttons for further details.

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