Welcome to my website. 

I am delighted that you found me.

I have always believed that life should be good – and wondered why at times it wasn’t. Are you searching for that good life, a life of enrichment, peace, calm and joy?

As an intuitive mind coach, artist, teacher and facilitator I am here to inspire, encourage and promote your well-being. I love the work I do and working with others constantly motivates and evolves me.

With a long-term interest in art and craft, a background in teaching and years of research and study in philosophy, I have created an unique business.  Art and Living Ltd enables YOU to expand your horizons, develop new skills and create a better life for yourself in general - be it through changing your thinking or expanding your creativity!

I work from a home based office and art studio in Wadestown, Wellington, close to Lower Hutt, Petone and Porirua.

Participating in one of the creative classes (either mosaic art or painting with acrylics) enables students to quiet the mind and promote well-being, as well as getting the creative juices flowing.

The life classes cover a range of topics that address personal needs and builds happiness through a shift in perspective, incorporating mediation and practical tools for everyday use.

I also work with clients on a one-on-one coaching basis, using a range of modalities  including: IDT interactive drawing therapy, EFT emotional freedom technique or ‘tapping’,  and NLP neuro linquistic programming and hypnotherapy (not to be confused with hypnosis).

I also have a range of tried and true techniques and tools for increased awareness, based on the work of inspiring authors; Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie.

 What consumes              your mind                   controls                       your                         life                         

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