Welcome to my website. 

I am delighted that you found me. 

I guide and inspire YOUth to make meaningful life changes.

Right now a storm seems to be running through our society bringing in high levels of anxiety, insomnia and stress. It can be harrowing to watch someone you love suffering without a clue how to overcome these conditions.

I can help.

As a coach I work with people to unpack their current beliefs about themselves, examine what is really true and what can be let go.  Together we can build resilience and find what is possible for the future.

Science now shows evidence that the mind is flexible and we all have the potential to change our habitual ways that might have prevented wellbeing. My work is designed specifically to enable anyone to create new and improved programs of thought, behaviour and action.

It’s a small mind change with a big impact. Be assured that it's not going to tear your life apart, but add value and quality to it.

I work from a home based office and art studio in Wadestown, Wellington, NZ. 


"What consumes your mind controls your life"


Ignite your true colours