‚ÄčNurture teens

This is an art based programme designed especially for young people who are looking for ways to soften anxiety and make life easier. 

We use mindfulness, group discussion, interactive drawing therapy, and forms of meditation as part of a wonderful drawing, painting and mosaic class. 

Come along and enjoy yourself.  It is all about creating and expressing rather than focussing on the final product.  An enthusiasm for art is essential, but skill and artistic talent is not. Small groups of 3 - 4 students make these sessions fun and focussed.

Mindfulness is a great way to slow down the anxious, over-thinking mind.  While focussing deliberately on the art, the mind is completely absorbed, and gets to rest from the busy stream of thoughts. This means the whole body gets a break - relief from the tension! The more time spent mindfully doing art,  the clearer and more focussed the mind.

Discussion is important in order to get to know others in the group. You are not alone on this journey, nor are you  powerless.  Safely sharing experiences and having fun together is a part of this work.

Interactive drawing therapy is a powerful tool to gently allow you to see what is getting in your way;  It is also a technique that enables you to discover more about your own patterns of behaviour, which is very useful to know, and identify potentially destructive thought patterns which may come with them. With this awareness you can move forward and make positive changes.

Meditation can be a challenge for many people, but calming the mind and relaxing the body is a wonderful tool when we take the time for it.  It also allows us to connect better with our true selves and brings a better flow to our lives. There are many ways to meditate, and finding your favourite method is a good way to make it enjoyable and also set up some good practical habits.

Making art is one of the best ways I know to loose myself in my work, and forget all about the rest of the world - what bliss!

It makes me feel both energised and happy when I have a regular diet of creativity, and my relationships reflect this. I stop taking life so seriously and enjoy having fun. It doesn't matter what it is that I am making, just the making of it gives me what I need to be more relaxed and centred. I can even think better!

If you enjoy art and think you would like to spend more time on it, get on it and give me a call. I am just waiting for a couple more people to put the next group together, you may even want to tell a friend about it.


Please give me a call to discuss any questions you may have regarding workshops, classes, or one-on-one coaching.  

Nancy 027 276 2786


Love the life you live!

Nurture teen workshops

VENUE : Studio 88,  19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington (Just a stone's throw from Lower Hutt and Petone)

WORKSHOPS : Each workshop runs for 10 weeks during the school term or 1 intensive week during the school holidays. 

NEXT TERM WORKSHOP: Term 1 2019                                                                                                   Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm  

NEXT HOLIDAY WORKSHOP: 28 Jan - 1 Feb 2019                                                                                     Monday - Friday   10 - 1 pm 

COST:  $300 - 5 day holiday workshop

AGES:  13 - 16 years 

Please make your booking in advance as places are limited.

027 276 2786