Powerful Self

       Workshop Series

How would it feel to be you, the best you, the best you that you can be? Authentic and real.

How would it feel to appreciate and enjoying being you? Without apology, without fear of disappointing others, without shame or doubt or anxiety?

How would it feel to be a person that you respect, admire and actually enjoy being?  Is that even possible - to enjoy being yourself?

How would it feel to be confident, peaceful and content, to surf the waves of life easily and skilfully? 

Can you imagine that being possible?

The Powerful Self Workshop Series can show you the way to that place, that power, that empowerment!


Are you willing to go beyond your current limitations?


This course enables you to learn easily about the way we as humans think.  How this helps and hinders us.  It teaches you to make valuable decisions about your life and become more aware and conscious in order to change habits that might not serve you.

It allows you to open up to ways of thinking that bring peace, calm and clarity rather than fear, anxiety and pain.

It helps you to understand yourself and your actions better, to care for yourself more and to have happier and better relationships with others. 

It gives you a new perspective on the decisions you make each day and about taking charge of your own happiness. 

Join me on this 3 month series to get a look at the real you,  the one that knows what they want, the one that has clarity and confidence. 

Are you ready for some valuable life changes? 


Taking time for you to know yourself, to benefit your life.               

Meetings every two weeks with a one-on-one coaching session between each meeting. 

See BOOKING page to secure your place.

I have such a lot of valuable information and fabulous resources to share with you. This workshop series is a enjoyable and motivating way to learn more about your life and how you can direct it.  There is no one more important than you - in your life,  I encourage you to put yourself first, take this opportunity to make YOU a priority.

Money, possessions, achievements, even family and friends can never fully complete us and make us feel whole, that comes from within. I want to show you the way there, the path that I took, so you can see for yourself. Give yourself some well deserved 'me time' to join me on this journey of awareness and discovery.

Nancy Barclay


It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority. It's a   necessity!

Testimonials ....

This workshop enabled me to connect the dots on how I fit into the universe, mind, body, and soul. A realisation on a deeper level of my power & peace leading to balance. I would 100% recommend this workshop, everyone deserves the education Nancy gives that leads to true empowerment.

I can’t get enough of what she offers - she is so real, authentic on every level, and her genuineness touches everyone who is lucky enough to cross her path. The workshops are Interesting and dynamic, where learning happens in many ways, enabling self discovery for each participant at their level. - Sonia

I found it very useful to be doing this course with a great group of people who are all at different stages of their journey. I think the mix of people really boosted our experience. I would definitely recommend this course. It is really powerful work.

We had time to integrate the learning; this course was very well organised and I enjoyed Nancy's teaching.

The individual one-on-one's with Nancy were invaluable to extend me and enabled me to get even more from the workshops. She has a warm and friendly manner and is generous with her vast knowledge.

Nancy lives what she teaches and her life reflects this! I also liked the way the most important lessons were taught in several different ways, so not only was it reinforced, but you could actually get it, if not the first time, then maybe the fourth or fifth time it registered. This course has been very beneficial to me, now I am a super powerful woman!!! - Carol


The most beneficial part of the series for me was the fact that it was a group session, and that helped me to 'open myself up a bit more to the universe' so to speak. I found listening to, and sharing with the others really helped me to broaden my 'universe horizons' and experience a little of what I had in common with others, as well as things that made each of us 'unique'.

I would absolutely recommend this course. I learnt so much through your course Nancy, about myself and working with others. I learnt how to look after, and take responsibility for myself. I also learnt more about how much of my power I had given to others in the past, and how much I wanted to take my power back in my hands,thoughts & soul (where it belongs)........Thank you Nancy, and thank you also to the beautiful ladies I had the pleasure of taking part in your powerful session with. 

The Powerful Woman series works with you and around you. I felt 'guided' through the series, as in it didn't feel like work.....it felt more like I was gently guided through it. The series was not strictly structured, but had a somewhat natural flow to it. Nancy provided instruction & guidance that allowed us to be open in a safe & loving environment. Thank you again Nancy - I love your work and am really looking forward to your next Powerful course in the New Year xox - Rose

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