Teen coaching

As a parent of teenagers and former primary school teacher, I really enjoy working with teens and young adults.

As with most adults, teen and young adults they have a need to feel accepted, while at the same time dealing with body changes, raging hormones and the day to day pressure of social and emotional life. Often young people hide how they are feeling - leading to elevated stress level and a general feeling of anxiety. I can help. Teaching them how to balance their lives, become of aware and move away from destructive thought patterns and opening their perspective on life and how they see themselves.

It is not an instant fix, but much can be achieved in a few sessions and when supported, negative patterns can be completely shifted allowing the client to move forward and embrace life. I recommend the 5 week series to allow new habits to become familiar and comfortable.

Parents can also benefit from this work, when communication has been positively established, the family relationship can move forward and thrive. Trust and respect from both sides builds strong bonds and happy homes.

Be in love with your life - every minute of it.

Book an appointment:

First Session: 90 minutes. Cost: $90

Regular Sessions: 60 minutes Cost: $60

5 Session Series: This programme enables me to support you to create new habits, monitor your progress and provide tailored help as you grow while saving you money. We set the date of each session to match your current situation within a 3 month period. The 5 sessions includes the First 90 minute session.  Cost: $250

The fee can be paid by internet banking, cash or cheque before the session.

My office is home-based at 19 Anne Street in Wadestown, Wellington.

027 276 2786