Teen coaching

 I have aways been interested in working with teens and young adults.  Perhaps it's because I remember so well how I felt at that age and how alone and confused I was at times - even with people all around me.

I coach many of my children's friends, my friend's children and friend's of friend's children,  even my own children - who are turning into coaches themselves!

Everyone, at every age is valuable and worthy, but not everyone knows it!  My approach enables us to find your true value.  It's really just uncovering who you really are and rediscovering your personal power. 

I often find people hide how they are feeling, both to the outside world and to themselves, living in denial and bottling it all up inside.  This is so common in young people, while trying to look relaxed and 'chilled' outwardly. To 'fit in' and look 'normal' is so important for so many of us. Unfortunately, this can lead to fear and tension, incredible anxiety, stress and even panic attacks.   I can help.

Becoming aware of what we are doing to cause this and discovering personal ways to disolve this tension is invaluable and freeing, especially to someone who is just wanting to get on with life.

It is not an instant fix, but much can be achieved in a few sessions. When we are heard and supported in a safe environment, and negative patterns have be identified, there is space to move forward.

I recommend initially, the 5 week series, to really make some changes, allowing new patterns to become familiar and comfortable. Some casual visits can take place later, on a 'when needed' basis. 

Parents can also benefit from this work. When new patterns of thinking have been established on both sides, the family relationship will evolve too. Trust and respect from both sides builds strong bonds and better communication.



Nurture teens Group

When young people have an outlet to express themselves, through music, dance, drama, art or creativity of some kind, it enables the build up of anxiety to decrease and gradually dissolve. An after-school art class and holiday programme for addressing anxiety in teens has been created. 

The course aims to allow self-expression through drawing and painting, involving class discussion and interactive drawing therapy. We are not meeting to dwell on the negative, but to focus on possibilities and build confidence and courage through art and creativity. This small group is nurtured, guided and supported to express themselves safely in a creative environment with the added bonus of meeting like-minded others on the same journey. See LIFE tab on main menu for more details.


Be in love with your life - every minute of it.

Book an appointment:

First Session: 60 minutes Cost: $75

Regular Sessions: 60 minutes Cost: $75

5 Session Series: This programme enables me to support you to create new habits, monitor your progress and provide tailored help as you become empowered. We set the date of each session to match your current situation within a 3 month period.   Cost: $350

My office is home-based at 19 Anne Street in Wadestown, Wellington.


Nurture teens

Teen Courses: 

VENUE : Studio 88,  19 Anne Street, Wadestown, Wellington (Just a stones throw from Lower Hutt and Petone)

WORKSHOPS : Each workshop runs for 10 weeks during the school term or 1 intensive week during the school holidays. 

NEXT TERM WORKSHOP: Term 1 2019                                                      Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm  

NEXT HOLIDAY WORKSHOP: JAN 2019                                                    Monday - Friday   10 - 1 pm

COST:                   $300 - 10 week term                                                        $300 - 5 day holiday workshop

AGES:                    13 - 16 years 

Please make your booking in advance as places are limited.

027 276 2786